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     One Year USA

Time 2 Shop...

Today, I went shopping with my mum in Flensburg, a town at the border to Denmark... Anyways, I did not find what I needed , but I got a really cute , long black necklace from my mum and we found some really awesome shoes... Converse in pink... Unfortunately, they were all too big, so I have to find out tomorrow, if I can get them in my size...
Afterwards I went to the gym, but I was so tired that I nearly fell asleep... I even left the sauna after five minutes because my eyes kept on closing...
anyways, that was it about today and I need to go sleep!!!
3.4.06 20:49

My Concert Summer

By the way:

I'm gonna see Robbie Williams on July 15th with my friends Soeske, Malve and Monika!!
Robbie Williams Homepage

And from June 23rd to 25th Heike, Pay, Isa, Mareike and me are gonna go to the Hurricane Festival!!
Hurricane Festival Bandlist
2.4.06 19:34

Spring Break - Finally

Friday was last day of school until after Easter!! There is a lot I have to tell you guys!!

Let's start Friday... At first we wrote a four hour test in German... And then at night, we went to my friend Isabelle's place and later we went to a club because it was her 18th birthday!! We had a lot of fun! It's always special if somebody turns 18!!! *Happy Birthday Honey*

On Saturday, my friend Mareike and me spent all morning in town to get a present for Isabelle. We made her a bag with many presents (some more serious, others less). During the afternoon we even made her a birthday-hat... Really "cute" thing... So, later that night, we went to visit her again because she was having her party with many more friends... She looked so funny with her hat... The mood was really good because everybody was so happy to be on break!!!
Unfortunately, many people started leaving early... And so did Mareike and me... But we went to a club again and danced all night because it was quite expensive to get in and we didn't want to waste our money... At five we were finally in bed...

And then, today we slept so long that Mareike missed her bus... So, we ordered a pizza for breakfast at 3 p.m.... Then we took a walk in the parc and later at the North-Sea... We even met a group from our school that is practicing for a marathon this April... They were really surprised to see us in the rain...

Wednesday, my friend Monika and me are planning to go to the Sneak... It's in our cinema and they show a movie, but you don't know which one until the movie starts... We hope it's gonna be Ice Age 2!! I'm really looking forward to it because I didn't spent that much time with her the last couple of days...

I'll tell you more!! Because I've got a little more time at the moment...

2.4.06 19:27

I hate snow...

I've always loved snow, but today it started snowing again... It's so annoying!!
Anyways, I hope the snow doesn't cancel my plans this weekend... Tonight I'm gonna go out to the movies and maybe somewhere else afterwards and tomorrow we'll maybe watch a dvd at a friend's place.
I'm really tired and I have to dress now...
10.3.06 18:18

Where is my weekend???

After having a great plan, it had to be cancelled because of too much snow...
Anyways, I went to the gym with my friend Monika. It was so exhausting and we were both glad that we survived... But we got a great reward at home because my mum had made an amazing dinner with Tequila Sunrise in the beginning and Tiramisu in the end... What else can I say...
The rest of the weekend was all about studying... Just because of the snow, I couldn't drive anywhere...
Great news arrived because my friend Malve is gonna go to the Robbie Williams concert as well. She bought her tickets for 100 €... But it's gonna be worth it!! Now, we are planning on designing some fun T-Shirts!!!
Well, now I have to create a present for a friend of mine, Heike...
Talk to you soon!!!
5.3.06 20:02

Snow, Snow, Snow

Today was crazy... Snow, and more snow and a little more snow... Anyways, got an internship at a hotel for summer break... I'm really happy about it!!
At school they sent us out in the snow because of some alarm... Whatever... Wasn't really funny and we only missed class for 15 minutes...
Tomorrow is gonna be a long day... But it's only two more days until weekend!!!
Still thinking about Hurricane Festival, but I'm already going to see Robbie Williams and visit my "favorite" sister in Finland!!!!
So... Am really tired now...
1.3.06 20:01

Let's get it started

I just thought that this would be a good way to stay in contact... And that's why I'm gonna continue working now...
28.2.06 20:54

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