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     One Year USA

Day 5 of Spring Break

Today, I baked my lucky-bread. It is a dough that you feed or just stirr every day and on day 6 you divide it into 4 parts, bake one yourself and give away the three others to good people. The three lucky one's don't know anything of it, yet... I'm gonna give it to them tonight when me meet at the Sneak.

My brother got really sick, he has very bad fever... It's really sad because his whole arm is in bandages because of his broken finger...

Yesterday night, I was on the phone with my friend Monika and we made plans for the weekend... Really funny, thinking of that it was only Tuesday... But I have to do everything before I leave to Finland!! I'm afraid I'm gonna miss something... But I'm sure Karla does show me a lot!!!

I have to get ready, now!!
5.4.06 20:06

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