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Girl's Night Out & Happy Birthday Soeske!!!

I don't think we have had that much luck for a long time... When we arrived at the club yesterday night, there was a wheel that you could turn and win something... Well, I didn't want to do it, but everybody did and so I had to do it as well... The others won free entrances for the next time and then it was my turn... Well, I got a red number, of which there were only two and won a bottle of black Vodka... The whole time people were jealous... But we were happy... Again, it turned out to be a long night... Monika, who's not 18 yet, had to leave really early, but Inga, Mareike and me stayed till 4...

And here's more good news!!! My pink Chucks arrived yesterday!!! Am so happy!!

Today, I was shopping with Mareike, she bought some stuff and then we had ice-cream, the first for me this season... Even the sun has been shining all the time already!!!

Tonight, I'm gonna go to Soeske!!! It's her 19th birthday!!! *Happy Birthday Pooh*

Well, I have to walk my new shoes, now!!

7.4.06 16:35

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