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     One Year USA

Me in Finland

Everything is so exciting here!! It's so much fun! I'm at school at the moment and I'm skipping Karla's Finnish class... I was with her and decided that I really don't understand a single word... The food today was really good and we also went to a candy-store. I bought some of everything and I'm enjoying it right now!!

I arrived on Tuesday around noon and we went to eat at Hesburger *excellent*... Karla made a U-Turn on the motorway and at home she showed me the most important places to shop in Turku... At night we went out to eat with her mum at a Spanish place *mmmhhh*... Her dad wasn't with us because he was in Pori to see his old hockey-team Ässät play... The won the game so they are in the final now which hasn't happened in the last 10 or 20 years... So the whole family was so excited!! Unfortunately I can't see the final because I'm leaving the day before...

Yesterday, on Wednesday, I went to school with Karla and we had Finnish History, Religion, Biology, Finnish and English... Except for Finnish all classes are on Swedish which makes it a little easier for me... After school one of Karla's friends, Camilla, took me into town to shop and have some ice-cream!! It was really nice of her and it was really funny!!! In the evening Karla and me went to Mylly (???), a mall in Raisio, where we shopped. All in all, I bought 2 t-shirts and one tank top... I also tried fish-soup *mmhh* and Karla's mum made some pizza...

Today, is gonna be really exciting, too!! After school, we're planning on sleeping because tonight we are going to make a cruise to Sweden with Karla's mum!!! Those trips are known for very good buffets and alcohol. *Something the Finns don't get that easily* It's gonna be so much fun!!!

I'll see if I can write more later!!!

13.4.06 11:48

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